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Destination Wedding FAQ’s

Frequently asked Questions for Destination Weddings


What is a Destination Wedding?
A destination wedding is a wedding held in a setting away from your hometown. Typically, a destination wedding and the honeymoon are celebrated in the same venue. Destination weddings often takes place in tropical areas such as the Caribbean, Mexico, Tahiti, Fiji, Europe or Hawaii. Every wedding detail, from the setting to the officiant to the flowers and the cake, can be arranged at the destination to suit your taste. In most cases, couples spend their honeymoon in these beautiful locations as well.

Why plan a Destination Wedding?
There are many reasons to choose a destination wedding. Many couples look to a destination wedding as a way to have a unique and memorable wedding experience. A destination wedding allows them to travel somewhere exotic and fabulous, have their wedding and enjoy a relaxing honeymoon vacation. Some couples are in love with the destination, and want to spend the most special day of their lives in their idea of paradise. More couples decide upon a destination wedding as they are from different areas of the country, and do not want to decide against one hometown for another, so they opt to go to a location that will be somewhere special to each of them. One of the most common reasons to choose a destination wedding is to save money. Destination Weddings often allow couples to save thousands as opposed to a traditional wedding.

What are your services?
We are a full-service travel consulting company with our own in-house Destination Wedding Planners. We are here to assist in finding the best destination, ceremony site, and resort for your destination wedding. We then coordinate and book all the travel arrangements for you and your guests. Planning a destination wedding is often stressful, so our service is for those who prefer to work with a professional who can simplify the process.

What are your fees?
We do not charge a fee for our service to you. Because of our commitment to making your destination wedding a reality, we simply ask you to commit to making your travel arrangements with us. And if you like our service, then tell everyone!!

What do I need to do to get started?
It depends. If you just want information you can call us at 1.888.330.7377 for a free consultation. If you are ready to have one of our wedding consultants plan your wedding, we require a deposit as indicated by the lever of service you require. We get hundreds of couples on our website that are interested in information on destination weddings, which is great. We provide general information on planning and destinations for everyone, but we require a deposit to start planning with one of our Destination Wedding Specialists. Because our specialists dedicate a tremendous amount of time and effort into ensuring every one of their weddings is a success, we want to make sure that they are only working with couples that are serious about planning their dream destination wedding.

What destinations do you work with?
Our destinations include Costa Rica, Mexico, Bermuda, the Caribbean, Las Vegas, Hawaii, Italy, Fiji, French Polynesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and The Philippines. We also offer ceremonial weddings in India and Indonesia. Do you have a particular destination in mind? Please let us know. Chances are we can arrange a wedding there for you.

Do you only work with some hotels?
We work with almost every luxury hotel at popular destinations. However, we only work with hotels and resorts that have proven track records with us, and are willing to guarantee the level of service we require. More importantly, we’ve personally visited and inspected in excess of 350 hotels worldwide and have close relationships with many other hotels and resorts around the world.

How do I get started?
Please call one of our wedding consultants at 1.888.330.7377 our you can submit our request form.

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