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Visit Curacao

Visit Curacao




A blend of colonial Dutch design and West Indian whimsy, a stay at the “C” of the ABC Islands is as colorful as the façades of Willemstad. Floating craft and produce markets, modern art galleries, the Queen Emma Bridge, the largest African collection in the region at the Museum Kura Hulanda, relics at the Maritime Museum—these are surpassed in visual pleasure only by the island’s 35 beaches and unbelievable diving.

Art comes to life on the table; dining in this polyglot destination is influenced from every corner of the earth. Carnival makes winter worth celebrating, and the North Sea Jazz Festival draws talent from around the world. Nightly, the Salina district dances until dawn with the joy of simply being in Curaçao.

With its Dutch colonial architecture, Curacao may seem like a European city that’s been dropped in the Caribbean. While bright, sherbet-colored buildings line up by St. Anna Bay, sugar-sand beaches with crystal-clear waters fringe the coast—providing a perfect playground for scuba divers and snorkelers. On terra firma, the capital city Willemstad serves up all the charm of a port with upscale stores, restaurants, and a vibrant nightlife. So, no matter what you have in mind, our Liberty travel consultants can customize a vacation package that’s sure to delight.

Curacao At A Glance

Netherlands Antillean guilder (ANG)

Tipping Customs:
10-15%, if a service charge is not included.

Dutch, Papiamentu and English

Popular Drink:
Blue Curacao Liqueur

Must Eat:
Stoba – an island stew

Power Up:
US plugs, 127 V (though most hotels provide a 110 V option)

Warm, sunny climate year-round, with temperatures in the mid-80s (ºF) due to gentle trade winds.

Best Time to Visit:

Top Things To Do In Curacao

Take a historic walking tour
Visit Punda and Otrabanda and learn about their fascinating heritage and walk across the “Swinging Old Lady,” a floating pedestrian bridge.

Check out the art scene
Curacao’s art scene is evident in the number of museums and galleries, but also in the street art and murals around the neighborhoods.

Visit the famous liqueur factory
You know about the Blue Curacao Liqueur, now see how it’s made. Then, sip and see if you can taste the difference from what you may have had before.

Dive in and be amazed
Diving enthusiasts will love the rich and diverse marine life and the Mushroom Forest—an underwater jungle of 10-foot, mushroom-shaped star coral.

Explore the Hato Caves
Take a tour of this elaborate network of stalactites and stalagmites with drawings that are at least 1,500 years old.

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